A love story-Boy is all in!

boyThe boy was shy, the girl was not. They were products of the same society but from different strata. She was polished, he was not. They were in same place but circulated in different universes. To see her he had to look upwards, she could not see him even if he was right in front of her. She smelled of generational success, he reeked of self-doubt and destined failure. She was silk, he was all edges.

There are rarely “love at first sights” in real world. It is a continuous hum dum of calculations, league to which one belongs and self-perceived notions of success and failure. The typical love stories are found in grave yards buried under tombstones which read nothing.

Boy sees her face fleeing through a crowd of faces and he feels something. Something within him stirs. A strange feeling! Just a strange itch. Nothing more. Earth did not stop rotating, flowers did not suddenly bloom and there was definitely no music in air.

Boy does not remember after few hours, girl does not even know of his existence. Boy sees her again, same strange feeling again. What is it? This time the feeling persists. He has an ache in his heart. He is puzzled. Boy does not know what to do. He tries to sleep. It won’t come.

He hopes he can see her next day and every day. He makes sure he does. But their paths don’t cross. She has her own friends and he has his own. Even their friend’s paths don’t cross. Boy is learning that even in one world we have different orbits around which we revolve.

The things are getting worse. Boy can’t get his thinking straight. What is it? Sleep won’t come. Everything is a drag. Life seems so barren, pointless and colorless. Not a single thing brings any joy.

Boy realizes that he has to do something. But what or how remains elusive. Does she even know that he exists? Boy tries to gradually gate crash in this world of privilege. He tries to grab a seat little bit closer in class and cafeteria. He wants to hear her voice. He wants to hear her laughter. He knows it is not for him. It makes it even harder.

Boy gets lucky. He overhears her that she likes classic music. Boy can’t stand classic music. But he finally found something that he knows about her. Boy goes home, turns radio to a classic station. This time it does not sound so bad. In fact it is almost pleasant. Boy goes and buys classic music cassettes. Boys learns names of singers, their music and reads about them. But boy still can’t get anywhere close. The invisible barriers are way too strong.

Boy gets lucky again. Or may be he is making his own luck. He finds out there is a classic music concert in coming days. He has heard her saying the name of singer. He begs, borrows and begs some more. He gets two prime seats for the show. Boy is headstrong. He is going to make it work. He will try something that has never been done in these parts. Boy is going to be a man. Boy is all in!        To be continued…..

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