A Life Coach For Unmotivated

(This is a continuation of Weight loss series). Equipment guy gave me the number. He acted somewhat strange though. He shook my hand and slipped a paper in there. He also winked at me in a manner when people are sharing a special knowledge or secret. I didn’t know what else to do. I winked back at him.

I tried the number right away. It was a beeper. This was really strange but then what do I know about life coaches. May be they have unique methods. My phone rang right away. The voice said “who dat”? I told Whodat that this number has been given to me by equipment guy at gym. He asked me which gym. I told him. He asked me to describe equipment guy. I described him. Life coach was finally satisfied.

I told him about my problem with motivation. He asked me if I was recording him. I told him no. Why would I record you? He told me there are people who do such things and even wear wires. He also asked if I was police. This was a real strange life coach.

He told me he could help me with “motivation and shit”. He was already helping some people in that gym. I told him that I find him very easy to talk to. He does not have snobbery of other people who I have come across in this regard. I let him know that I was very thankful. When can I expect the letter? There was a pause. What kind of letter? I told him that physical trainer thinks I have motivation issue and I need to see a life coach. Now if he, as my life coach can give me a letter saying that I have great motivation and in fact it is the trainer who is a douchebag, that would be great. I would love to see expression on that Dbag’s face when I throw that letter on his desk.

There was a pause. Whodat asked me what has equipment guy told me. I informed him that he said good things and you are a life coach. He got somewhat angry. As per him life coaches and such things are waste of time. He exactly has something that could not only provide motivation but I can pump so much iron that I will be ripped in no time. At this time I got somewhat suspicious. I asked him if he was some kind of a drug dealer. Whodat slammed the phone.

I asked equipment guy what kind of number did he give me. He was even more miffed at me. He told me that he did me a favor and his friend is upset now. I told him that Whodat was no life coach and in fact sounded like a drug dealer. He asked me who is Whodat. I told him that’s how his friend introduced himself. The equipment guy did not say anything. He just turned around and left. Since then he has been not very friendly. I think time has come to change the gym.

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