John Doe-Has A Gallbladder?

Credit to horsey-healthcare

The next person to visit is a surgeon. She also has a team of her own following her. She means business. “Have you passed gas.” I did not know how to answer this charming question. “Why do you still have a gallbladder?” I was born with one I guess. “Why has it never been taken out?” She seemed real angry. I am not sure if it is me or the gallbladder.

The nurse informs her that patient only has some stones in gallbladder and as per radiologist there is no obstruction. “”Are you going to tell me what a radiologist thinks? They don’t know nothing. You know who becomes a radiologist! Don’t you!” I feel she thinks even lesser of radiologists than gallbladder.

She made sure I stay hungry, “In case we have to open him up and take that damn gall bladder out”. I don’t think even the priest can save my gallbladder now. She wanted complete control of situation. She changed iv fluids because the other doctors, “Don’t know what they were doing.” She wanted Anesthesiologist, “In case we have to go in rather quick”. She wanted to write something in my chart but her pen didn’t work. She threw the pen, nurse ducked while changing fluids without even looking up. It looks like staff has had good practice of ducking to avoid things being thrown. One of her interns mumbled something. She yelled at him about not being so stupid that she loses faith in mankind.

I have another doctor in now and it is not even 11 in morning. As usual he has a team of his own. He informs me that he is here to find out what’s wrong with my kidneys. He was very interested in my urine. Majority of time he was there he kept on looking at urine in my catheter. He was personally offended that it was yellowish brown and not light brown. I swear that at one time he was trying to smell it. He did not want to waste even a drop of my urine. He wanted my urine to be collected for 24 hours. He instructed nurse that every drop I drink or pee has to be accounted for. He wanted to know about frequency, urgency, strength of stream, incontinence, turbidity, night-time urinary activity and everything else about my urine. He wanted another ultrasound of my kidneys because “one never knows”.

I asked him what’s wrong with my kidneys. He went into a very lengthy explanation. He spoke for 5 minutes. I don’t remember or understand most of what he said. However what I could make out was: kidneys, no urine no good, failure, ultrasound, CAT scan, more testing, dialysis, more testing, urine, kidneys, failure, golden urine, more testing, protein, more testing, kidneys and some more testing. It appears once you have kidney disease the treatment is more testing.   to be continued…

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