Religious Nutheads ( Opiumed Out)

nutheadsThis particular species is found in all societies and geographic locations. In some areas it has grown too quickly (with political/religious patronage) causing depletion of spiritual resources for other species such as atheists and secular ones. It is fairly easy to spot them. They show following characteristics:

When confronted about their extreme views, they get personal and downright rude fast. Even if you try to pet them or reason with them, they will bite you. They are almost like communists on steroids with religion being the opium rather than ideology.

They use words such as theology, spirituality, enlightenment, empowerment and scriptures frequently. Pay no attention! Under all this lurks their disdain for other religions.

They have no sense of humor. If you ever want to share a joke, you have to clarify both before and after the joke, that it is a joke. Even then you might still get a blank face.

Everything is all doom and gloom. The other religion is growing too fast. Our people are being persecuted.

They always feel attacked. The list of attackers include other religions, media, traitors from own religion, seculars, women asking for equal rights, gay and lesbian mafia, printed media, electronic media, social media, artists, movies, cartoons, Internet and mutant ninjas.

Always remember it is you who is ignorant, ill informed and not aware of your own glorious religious history. These souls have mastered it all. They feel very secure in their collective ignorance. Trying to argue with them is like trying to cross a Zebra with a Buffalo.

If you are questioning your own religion’s extreme right, then you will be confronted with following:

-Why don’t you attack other religions?

-You have an identity crisis. You are frustrated.

-Let us try to educate you. All the answers are in our scriptures already.

-They will direct you to specific websites created by even more dedicated nutheads. Anything you use as a reference is a “Marxist, leftist, western, eastern, southern, northern, central, unethical, capitalist and gay propaganda”.

-They constantly fear that they will be killed, ruled or enslaved by another religion. Statistically their chances of dying from cholesterol are higher.

-They will try to save you from converting you. They can offer heaven, direct path to god and some other freebies that even god himself cannot offer.

Please do not startle them with science, facts or stats. They have lost distinction between science and mythology long ago. If you are a woman, don’t even bother!

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