Equality for Men

As a man, I am very concerned about recent developments that I feel are not compatible with gender roles. As a responsible male, all I want to say is that “things” have worked very well in past. Why should we change it now? Remember, change is BAD!

I have found that women are getting paid 78 cents for every dollar that men gets paid for doing the same job. This is a disturbing trend. Just in last 55 years it has grown from 55 to 78 cents. That is a whooping growth of 41.81% in just 55 years. Now they are claiming that by 2058 we might have equal compensation. Hopefully I will be retired (one never knows though) but I worry about male fetuses and young boys. These male fetuses have no clue what is coming! They will never believe that world used to be such a wonderful place. What kind of cruel world are we leaving them?

The number of female CEO’s in fortune 500 companies has increased to 24. That is a full 24 women CEO’s out of 500. That’s like 4.8%. What more do they want? The problem is greed never stops. First they want voting rights, then working rights, then they even start asking to be paid for work and it goes on and on.

I think it is very important to extend our support to some wonderful institutes which are working very hard to keep this glorious tradition going on:

L.D.B: Leave no Dawg Behind

MMM: More Moolah for Men

TIT: Testicles for Inequal Take-home

Saudi Government

I am sure that as long as all dudes, dawgs, bros, homies, my peeps, protein shake drinkers and sperm producers stay united, we can beat it. But please raise your voice. Time has come to let go of that X-box controller. Stop playing those smart phone games that are meant for 8-year-old children. Please take time off from doing those high five’s and bro hugs that we all love so much. United we have a chance.

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