Mars today; Sun tomorrow but Politics first!

parliamentPM went back to his party and PR team to figure out how to deal with this new challenge.  The right wingers felt nostalgic about times when a Pandit did not have to explain anything to anybody. Now all this democracy, parliament and press! What has the world come to?

Party decided that it is important to keep Dalits (suppressed) happy as they have 2 state elections approaching where they have significant votes. “Let’s increase it to 3 people so that we can have Panditjee, Scientist guy and Dalit dude on the mission to Mars”.

PM went back to Parliament with this new offer. The opposition again went into frenzy. As they had already ripped and torn what could be damaged, they came with some new ideas to protest. They got on top of each other and tried to rip down chandeliers and ceiling fans. They also got to center of house and asked each other such questions as “What kind of bastard are you”? They dared each other that if they ever had a drop of milk from their mother’s breast now is the time to prove it. Almost 400 of finest were raising their concerns at the same time in raised voices. The vibrant democracy was in full swing.

MP’s from Tamil Nadu immediately contacted their leader who was in prison for corruption to take guidance and blessings. They were even prostrating while talking to Amma on phone. Telugu and Telangana MP’s also represented their states well by hitting each other hard. Communists got into a formation and started shouting anti-poverty and anti-rich slogans at the same time. Gujaratis did not want to miss this opportunity either. They started taking bets about who will lose the fight. MP’s from Punjab did not know what Mars was and who to hit.

Multiple Bollywood star turned MP’s assumed an expression of disgust. Their lack of acting skills though was even more apparent here. They were surrounded by people playing “good guys” and leaders for years 24/7. The Shyaar (poet) started writing few  hard-hitting, gut wrenching and soul piercing lines to represent this decline of human values. Someone just threw his notebook away and him along with it.

Baba/Sadhvi immediately declared it as an attack on majority religion. The minority leader threatened to secede if their voices were not heard. Maha-dalits were very angry as everybody was talking only about Dalits. Their leader was somewhat confused though. He had changed parties so many times that he did not remember if he is supposed to applaud or protest. The Diva immediately realized that there were no photographers around and there was no point being here. She left to find some reporters and photographers.

PM held his head in his hands. He decided to go and change in the second sets of clothes for the day. To represent the day, he will have a saffron kurta (shirt), white pants and lime green sleeveless jacket. He will throw a red shawl on his right shoulder. The party president immediately left for cafeteria where you can eat what you want for $0.5, paid by tax payer off course.

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