Mars today; Sun tomorrow-Part 2

RocketInitially it was decided that mission will have one person. However it became clear that it will be a nightmare to agree on that one person. The scientists naturally assumed that one person would be a scientist. Baba Kamdev however countered that knowledge for trans-galaxy flights was already there centuries ago in scriptures. He wanted scientists to not blindly follow “western science” and read religious scriptures first. And since a Pandit can read scriptures, why do we need a scientist to go to Mars.

Baba’s insistence on a Pandit created a flood of problems. The grand old political party, which was in opposition immediately raised hell. They threw chairs in parliament and staged a boycott. As they did same thing on a daily basis, nobody could figure out the reason. Apparently they depended heavily on minority and Dalit (historically untouchables) vote and did not want to lose their credibility among their voters.

Communists also staged a walkout after a fiery speech (a communist always has a fiery speech for all occasions). Multiple fringe parties also boycotted. They all wanted to know why an upper caste Hindu man and not a minority or a lower caste Hindu was going to Mars. Thankfully they all agreed that it has to be a man. The safety of a rocket in hands of a woman! A hearty laughter was shared by all on this impossible probability.

Since under new government, every decision was being made at PMO’s office, the file was forwarded. PM decided to talk to right-wing of his party. Baba made it very clear that religion will not be sacrificed for science or any such nonsense. PM discussed this issue with his PR team. They advised increasing the number of people travelling to two. One would be a Pandit and another a scientist to ensure safety of Pandit. Scientists protested feebly. They were told that either you do it or get ready to work at sheep mating station.

The scientists have assumed that at least one out of two would be a scientist. PM offered parliament that we can have 2 people and he was willing to work with them. This caused even more problems. Now they wanted reservation for at least one Dalit (historically untouchables), one minority, and one OBC (other backward classes). The prince of grand old party also said something. As usual nobody paid any attention to him. They all again boycotted after throwing chairs, turning the tables, ripping electrical cords and tearing down whatever papers they could find. PM’s right-wing MP’s also made it clear that he should not even think about compromising or they themselves will boycott.

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