Come On! Common Man.

commonman1 Every time I watch news, listen to radio or read, the one entity that keeps on popping up is “common man”. He goes by various names; Aam Admi (common man), average American, British public or Canadian depending on where you are. Whether it is new budget, government, elections, taxes or any major tragedy, common man is at center of it all.

A politician getting an $800 hair cut to a screaming talk show host are all concerned about common man. They scream, question and mentally masturbate constantly about common man. The common man for them is an addiction, necessity, commodity, a damsel in distress and ultimate aphrodisiac.

common man

Common man in fact doesn’t even know what is going on most of the time. Aam Admi (Common man) is busy watching trashy Bollywood movies, “who killed who TV serials” and passionately discussing them next day. An average American is busy watching sports, drinking beer and dating/hooking up/breaking up/marrying/divorcing/ and dating again. If religion is opium for masses, sports are opium for average American. British Public is generally more focused on next bowel movement and I have no idea what Canadians do (stereotyping is purely intentional).

If life expectancy went up, common man is happy. But wait.. it will come at higher insurance rates and expensive premiums, common man is unhappy. If his tax rate went down, he is happy. But wait..Sales tax went up. So he is unhappy. He found that 65% off sale, he is happy. But wait..They won’t let him use another 20% coupon with it, he is unhappy. He changes from happiness to unhappiness more frequently than lady Gaga changes her wigs.

Common man does not want a whole lot. He wants a job, safety, functioning government, trashy entertainment, may be some free porn and get laid once in a while. What he really does not want is all kinds of petty politicians and screaming talking heads telling him what he really wants. See, understanding common man is like “what women really want”.





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