Masculinist-Gender Reversal!

When he was born, there were no celebrations. A simple acknowledgement that he is here and there is not much that can be done. They did get gender of fetus checked and tried to get him aborted. But he somehow still managed to survive. He was the third boy and all family wanted was one girl. The family knew it would be difficult to marry off these 3 boys. Where will all this dowry come from? The grandfather again blamed baby’s father for his out of control Y chromosome.

The clothes from older brothers were passed to him. His birthdays were not cared for or celebrated. Family prayed everyday for a girl child. Finally they were blessed with a baby girl 2 years later. The whole extended family celebrated this with a big party. There were gifts galore for the girl, who one day would carry the name of the family forward. The girl will get her choice of food, clothes and toys while boys were simply given minimal attention. Grandfather will sometime cry about how they will ever see these 3 boys to their in law’s houses.

The boys were supposed to be home very early in the evening and help in domestic chores. The girl could stay out as long as she wanted. She could hang out with neighborhood girls, tease boys, beat them and snatch their toys. The family would laugh off such complaints with, “Girls will be girls. You know how they are!”

Soon the eldest boy started to show signs of puberty. The girls started taunting him, tried to touch him and rub against him. Family and neighborhood again laughed at this innocent fun, “Girls will be girls”. The girls in neighborhood got even bolder. They started to comment about size of his pectorals, butt and legs. The boy became very self-conscious. He started to hide pectorals and all with loose clothes and started to shave his legs.

The girls though were ruthless. They would still try to touch, rub, run into and wanted to take him out for movies. They would make catcalls and remarks like, “I will tap that any time”. He complained again but they all laughed, “Girls will be girls”. Boy’s father told him to cover himself properly and make sure family’s honor is not ruined. Boy’s grandfather felt it was boy’s fault. “You dress in such a way that it causes lust in a woman’s heart”.

Some of the girls were very deceptive. They would say things like: I love you and not your body. All I want is an intelligent conversation. Sex is the last thing on my mind. But on the other hand it will strengthen our relationship. They wanted to take him to flop movies where theaters would be empty.

The boy wanted to study further but family decided that he has already studied enough. Besides it is not that he has to earn a living. He should be focusing more on learning household chores. So he can be a good husband. They started to look for suitable girls.

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