A star is depressed -3

The star was darling of all media now. She was getting front page of every tabloid and magazine. To respect her “depressed” state, most of these covers had her in either whites or blacks with contrasting backgrounds to capture the “depression” perfectly. She was described as most courageous person in the country and possibly in world. Every TV station had her interview in which she claimed, “I did not even know for a long period of time”. She was also doing it for millions of others, as “being a star is huge responsibility”.

Tabloids claimed she is depressed because she has gone from dating a billionaire to a talentless clown. They were sure that anyone would be depressed if they woke up every morning next to this clown.

The star was thankful to her parents, boyfriend, fans, media, co-stars, producers, make-up man, hair stylist, fans (again), women of the country, women of the world and ..TelecastersĀ cut her and started running ads at this time.

The feminists immediately blamed society, sexism, male chauvinism and persistent objectification of women for her depression. The government recognized official existence of depression. The “modern” Indian women also claimed that they have been depressed even before the star. First time the most stigmatized of medical practitioner, the butt of countless jokes, Psychiatrist even became fashionable. Their children were no more ashamed to tell their friends what their parents did.

The greatest Indian of modern times, Baba Kamdev who apart from being a Baba was also a yogi, healer, scholar, scientist, social reformer and a businessman announced that he will be more than happy to spend time with star and treat her depression with natural means. Baba seems to have mastered treatment of every possible condition a female star could have.

Over the top Indian Media wanted to get to bottom of this. They wanted to know if everything is well between her and her parents, her boyfriend, her ex boyfriend and her next boyfriend. Is she pregnant? Does she wants to be pregnant? Does she want to be pregnant and can’t get pregnant? Why can’t she be pregnant? When will she be pregnant? Is her career going downhill? Is she getting too old at 28 for her male co-stars of 50? They had a depression specialist, a woman specialist and an astrologer on the panel. The astrologer was very sure that she would come out of depression once planet Saturn crosses out of path of planet Venus. But she could come out of it faster if she starts wearing a brown emerald in a silver ring in middle finger of left hand.

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