My Cousin -Delivering a Love Letter (part 8)

Once the letter was completed, the planning shifted to delivering it to the person of interest. They considered following routine options:

* Fold the letter in shape of a plane and let it fly in the general vicinity of the girl.             *”Accidentally” run into girl, drop a book with the letter inside it and before she even has  time to think, give book to the girl.                                                                                         *Asking a friend’s younger sister to deliver.

They did consider innovative options:  wrapping the letter in a cloth, tying it around a dog’s neck and then training or persuading it to walk to the girl. There was just a small problem. They did not have a dog. They briefly thought about using one of the stray dogs but concern for Rabies and 14 massive injections overcame concern for love.

They considered tying it to a kite, flying and landing it to girl’s roof. Unfortunately kite season was months away.

Private offered to deliver the letter personally to the girl at his own risk. My cousin immediately smelled a rat. Private could not be trusted as there was a good chance that he would start his own “game” rather than working for my cousin.

They considered writing a letter on palm of the hand, walking to girl and just showing her the palm. However getting this close to a girl was difficult and you were sure to be “spotted” or even worse tackled.

MS advised to run the girl down with bicycle and delivering the letter during all the commotion of collision. A girl with concussion and fractured leg however was unlikely to take the letter.

At this time they got depressed and cursed this wretched small town, it’s silly girls, school teachers, chaperons and everyone who lived here. My cousin again went into a rant about how things would be so different if he was in Delhi. Private felt that even Luzkrakters in this town think too much of themselves.

MS showed his leadership at this movement. He called them cowards who were just scared of a beating. He had been beaten multiple times and did not have much respect for whiners who could not even handle one proper thrashing. He told them a beating is what makes “love” real. Any “city type” can go and talk to a girl in a big city. But it takes courage and acceptance that a beating was around the corner for the “true lover” to stand up.

Finally they asked MS how had he been doing it for all these years. MS took a deep breath. “I don’t deal with silly school girls”. He has moved to a higher level of playing field. He was into “married” women now. My cousin immediately called such women unpure and the situation equivalent of “eating leftover food”. But both of them still wanted to learn about “opportunities” in this particular field.

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