Sensibilities-times we live in!

Every single day I find myself a victim of multiple assaults on my sensibilities. There are movies, news, cartoons and comedies that are offensive. In these times our religion, god and country are all under attack all the time. A lot of these things are simply being created to cause hurt and assault our sensibilities.

The attacks are relentless. If you turn your computer on, go to Internet, go to you tube, find a website called AIB, find the video and assault is sitting right there. How do you escape such spontaneous attacks! You are looking at tweets and someone posted an unflattering picture of your god. What can you do? The assault has happened. You went to a movie and they made fun of your god. Everyone is laughing but you are offended. What can you do? The assault has happened. I tell you there is not a single thing you can do. I am sure you feel as helpless as me.

There are things we can do to protect ourselves. When our car stops at red light and those annoying dirty begging children come and knock on our windows, we are ready. We have  windows that we can close. When we read about a minor girl who was raped in newspaper, we are smart enough to jump to next page because we were ready. But how do we avoid those spontaneous assaults. Why would they make fun of a Politician or a religious head and hurt their follower’s feelings. I understand it is democracy but that does not mean you can assault someone’s sensibilities.

The concept of freedom of expression is not needed in well controlled societies. We should have a list which clearly labels clear list of things which are offensive. The list should be maintained regularly and have input from religious heads and government officials. Once we have all agreed on such a list, we should be able to use it for purpose of humor and such. If someone still finds a joke offensive, we should have the grace to take it off from the list.

Should we have Humor at the cost of offending someone’s sensibilities? I am sure you will agree with me that answer is a resounding NO. We can all live without humor but if our sensibilities are offended the life become a worthless rot.

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