You can (and should) blame everyone else!

I feel rather than becoming broad-minded and showing more tolerance, we are becoming intolerant with every passing day. So my new year resolution (delayed, but I follow Indian standard time) is to blame everyone else for anything, everything and nothing. Here we go:

– Since I am Indian, I blame Pakistan for everything that is wrong in my country, British for colonizing us, French for not colonizing us, US for helping Pakistan and China for simply being an ass****. I don’t want to waste my time talking about “bit players” like Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

-Since I am Hindu, I blame Muslims for terrorism, Sikhs for being too happy, Jewish for being too hardworking & successful and Christians for Kim Kardashian. I am still trying to find a reason to blame Buddhists for something. I am sure there is something evil about them that we haven’t found yet.

-Since I am north Indian, I blame south Indians for not allowing us to shove hindi down their throat, north-easterners for looking “chinese”, Bengalis for being communists and Andamanese for …well I don’t know who exactly they are.

-Since I am a male, I blame women for asking for equal rights, trying to steal our jobs, making decisions for their own uterus and wearing inappropriate clothing that “invites” rape.

-Since I am straight, I blame Gays for making us look uncool and transgenders for forming “hit squads” to recruit my straight brethren. Thank god this “western disease” has not been “officially”recorded in Indian sub-continent yet.

-Since I am brown, I blame whites for not being brown, blacks for not being white and Latinos for trying to impersonate my complexion and confusing people.

See, how simple it is! In summary as a North Indian brown straight male Hindu Jat I can choose to blame pretty much everyone. All you have to do is be creative and the whole world is really against you, your religion, your race and your country. Everybody just wakes up every morning to simply make your life miserable.

2 thoughts on “You can (and should) blame everyone else!

  1. Haha!!! That was too funny!!! LOL!! Don’t forget the “conspiracy theorists”, “hippies” & “atheists” and of course the lawyers & the government who may fall into any of the before-mentioned categories hence are blame-worthy even among “their own kind.” VERY CLEVER POST!!! Hopefully people will realize how ridiculous & counter-productive the “blame-game” truly is! And finally work together as “One” #OneWorld #OneLove Namasté
    (Hey, I guess we could blame the Buddhists for Karma 😉 )

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