My Cousin-Supernatural (Part 4)

One of my cousin’s passions was supernatural. He had completely mastered this topic. He could talk for hours about types of ghosts, where they lived, how can they torture you, kill you or torture and kill you. Fortunately he also knew a great deal about how to defend against them and possibly even control them. He had armed himself to teeth to deal with these nasty cunning creatures.

He always wore Hanuman/Durga medallions around his neck. He won’t even take them off while bathing. Apparently someone took it off while bathing and an opportunistic ghost attacked that person right at that minute. He was not going to let a ghost catch him off guard in this type of vulnerable position. He always wore lots of holy threads on his wrist and had some ashes from temple wrapped in his pocket. He also kept some “powerful” stuff under the pillow in case a ghost attacked while sleeping.

The most feared ghost was the one who lived right next to pond between railway station and our farm. This one attacked you from behind and went right for your skull. It dug holes in your skull and drank blood right from it till you died. He specifically instructed me not to walk there in afternoon after having something sweet to eat because  this ghost loved sweets. Off course you would have to be suicidal to even go there at night. He told me that even he wouldn’t be able to do much if this particular ghost ever attacked me.

He had many books that specifically dealt with this complex topic. They had titles and chapters like “Yes, Ghosts are real”, “How to make ghosts work for you”, “Why you should fear ghosts” and “Why there is no reason to fear ghosts”. I asked him if he was controlling any ghosts currently. He was waiting for a potion that he had ordered through one of these magazines. Once he would have it, it was a fairly straightforward thing. When challenged with what my science teacher had to say about ghosts, he felt science teacher was one of those science types who never want the “truth” to come out. He offered to take me to a graveyard at night where I could see “it all” with my own eyes. I was really spooked and scared. Thankfully he gave me a list of some simple instructions:

1) Don’t fear them but also fear them. If you fear them they will attack you. But if you were cocky they will also attack you.

2) Never disrespect them by denying their existence. In that situation an attack was certain.

3) Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga are your no.1&2 defenses.

4) Memorize Hanuman Chalissa by heart.

5) They are always around us. Even right at this minute they are listening to what we are saying. Never for a second think that you will get away by saying bad things about them.

6) Muslim ghosts will not respond to Hanuman Chalisa. Apparently Muslim ghosts required a completely different set of skills. He had not cracked this one yet.

7) Never visit a house where someone had died in last 100 days. The “new” ghost was desperate, lonely and can get attached to you for life.

8) Don’t hang out with super old people, as they were almost half ghost already.

9) They can be controlled. Once you do, they will do anything for you including taking exams for you.

10) Don’t listen to your idiot science teacher.

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