My Cousin ( Part 2)

My cousin was addicted to movies and anything related to them. He had to watch every new movie on the day of release. Our town only had one small movie theater. This meant getting a movie ticket on the first day was a challenge. My cousin had built a nasty reputation and he always got his choice of seats. People either feared him or they realized that he is crazy for movies and will not stop at anything. Nothing could get between him and the movie on that first day. At times he simply walked in manager’s office, threw the money on his table and got what he wanted while everyone else had to be in a line. He was fully focussed while watching these movies. If anyone created disturbance during the movie he was always ready to pick up a fight. He was a possessed man during those 3 hours and won’t even blink. He will light up a cigarette (or a beedi depending on the finances) and at times will sit on haunches during specially tense scenes. He might not have had a good memory for science but he could narrate any movie in its entirety with all the dialogue.  After the movie we will go to a barn or remote area of the farm where he would  enact the entire movie frame by frame including dialogues, dances, stunts and fight sequences. It did not matter to him that I had watched the same movie with him hardly 10 minutes ago. In some sequences he would want me to play role of the villain. I did it once but found out that he really did get in the character and would start throwing me around. At times he would also want me to play heroine for some song and dance routines but I drew a line there.

He would buy gossip movie magazines and read them front to back multiple times. The magazines had screaming headlines about who is sleeping with whom, who got dumped and who is the number 1 star currently. . The last third of the magazine was filled with ads for perfumes which could make women go crazy over you, the books about writing a perfect love letter, Urdu poetry books which could win heart of the girl you desire and rare precious stones with which you could control anyone you wanted. He did order these from time to time with some real disastrous results. He did pay attention to “facts” such as which movie star was hooking up with who and at times will be heartbroken if his dream heroine had hooked up with some other star.

At one time our family was so concerned about his addiction that they took him to a doctor. The good old town doctor diagnosed him with vitamin and iron deficiency and gave him a bunch of bottles filled with syrupy liquids. My cousin diagnosed the Doctor with being old and completely crazy most likely due to reading too many text books.

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