Gandhi Reloaded

Gandhi is one brand that never fades or dies away. It has been used for and against every argument. He has been a saint but a villain as well, very strong but extremely weak and currently very uncool. He is almost worshipped but so is his assassin. The dynasties have ruled for generations by simply borrowing his last name. His picture is hung in holiest of places and most corrupt of institutes and gather dust with equal indifference. He must die again and be born again, must be dissected every day with a scalpel or crude knife depending on the surgeon or the butcher of the day. He must then be repackaged as a villain or a hero depending on who is packaging him. His every single word and action and motive must be analyzed and scrutinized.  Will the real Mr Gandhi please stand up!

The fact is that if he was alive today he won’t be able to win any kind of election or even get a ticket from a major political party. He won’t get a loan, a credit card or mortgage as he will have no assets, high liabilities and will be “high risk defaulter”. He will be branded anti-India by right-wing groups, secular (which is an endearing abuse now a days) by left wingers and pretty much useless by screaming media houses as he won’t be able to provide entertaining sound bites or drama of walking away in the middle of an interview. Even Soniajee won’t want him in congress as he might put a challenge to prince’s leadership. Being born upper class, Mulayams, Laloos and Mayas of the world will never want him around. He will be the ultimate untouchable of our times. Even if he had a small hut it will be bulldozed as part of land acquiring for development. He will be lucky to have the same dhoti he died in. I believe in these times Godse might have a better life.

3 thoughts on “Gandhi Reloaded

  1. He was a great MAN. But he had his shortcomings and was no MAHATMA. Like any great man with an agenda, he was overrated. He was certainly a failed father. I would never want to be counted in his progeny.


  2. He is a person from different ERA, so it is very difficult to postmortem his ideology in the light of current scenario. What we should do is try to understand his ideology with current situation like KILL terrorist, No mercy with nation enemies. But thank you for igniting the thought process which is lost in todays youth……


  3. Thanks Guys for your input! I agree that he did have shortcomings. However I feel he did and achieve so much. I think he is one of the main reasons that India could stay as one country. I also cannot imagine one politician today who will not want to have political pst.


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