Protest-small town India

Protest: In small town where I grew the “protesting” has come a long way. Recently in local elections when a candidate’s form was rejected, his supporters climbed a water tower and threatened to jump. These “climbers” generally are not doing it because they have any great sense of injustice or civic responsibility. The whole situation is fuelled by adrenaline and free booze. The situation gets very confusing and descends in chaos soon. At this height it becomes very hard for them to hear what people at ground are saying. Some asks them to come down, others ask them to jump and some middle of the road types ask them to walk down half the way and then jump. Soon the tamasha is in full swing. The compassionate local bureaucracy tries to help the situation by getting straight to the point “ Susre kood ja” (Just jump you bugger). Police arrives which makes situation even more complicated as the protesters know if they come down they will definitely be arrested and a good thrashing is in order. This leads to another set of negotiations where a deal is stuck that “protesters” will not be arrested. The most disappointed are the ones who had waited all day for something “spectacular” and had invited their friends and family members. They at times in fact boo the protesters for being cowardly. The protesters are garlanded by their friends once they come down.Some of them even post their pictures on Facebook. This same act at times is also performed for one’s true love, employment, family dispute or simply being drunk.

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